Hello, this a webpage about the White Garden Snail!

Scientific name: Theba pisana

While originaly from Europe and Africa, these snails have spread to the Middle East, North America, Austraila, Southern African countries, and some Atlantic islands. The snails come to other countires by ships going out if the Mediterranean Sea. They were first found in North America back in 1914 in the L.A area in California. In 1940, they had supposedly been eradicated, but they came back again in 1985. They have never been recorded in North America outside of California.

White garden snails are very hard to eradicate because of their habit to hide in cramped areas. They also have an interesting ability to form a wall of mucus around themselves. People have tried poisoning, burning, and just picking them before, but all of these methods are expensive and time consuming.

Unlike other species of snails, the white garden snail can survive in desert environments, which could explain why they are so wide spread. They also have explosive reproductive rates as well, each snail can lay up to 200 eggs a year. They are hosts to some parsprites

Fun Fact!

  • In German, they are called Mittelmmerweinbergschnecke (best name ever), which means middle-mountain wine snail.


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